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This is the official welcome mat of Twenty First Summer, a thoughtful, positive, relevant blog about life, current events, working, relationships, and more. The target audience is…everyone!

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Completely disgusted with the banal nonsense choking the internet, I have set out on a mission to make myself heard above the digital cacophony of cute cats, pictures of someone’s lunch, “97% of you won’t repost this but the 3% who are my real friends will” guilt trippersComedy Central video clips, sappy Casey Kasem-esque tributes to mothers/fathers/children/veterans, political screeds, narcissistic health club braggadocio, and every other form of vapid idiocy that keeps the bandwidth-peddlers rolling in cash.


I created as a stand-alone web domain under my sole control and not beholden to any outside user agreements, corporate censorship, or content rules. I hope what appears here will be received as thoughtful, positive, relevant ideas and commentary and that everyone will leave enriched and encouraged. New articles will be uploaded weekly, so please come back often and feel free to leave comments.

Hope to see you again soon!

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