Why I’m Doing This.

As big as the internet is, there is almost no place to speak up without being drown out by spammers, trolls, and people who have many words but few thoughts.

I decided the only way to have a voice was to claim my own outpost on the electronic frontier. Twenty First Summer is my refuge from the ridiculousness  and screeds and vitriol flying around the internet.  I am here to comment on important issues and encourage meaningful discussion on these issues. Reasonable, thinking people will find a haven here.

This is not a political, religious, or single-issue blog  but loaded topics are not off the table and I do have my opinions. I am very  libertarian (not the same as “liberal”), pro-God and pro-guns. I like pizza, Mexican food, Howard Stern, Big Bang Theory (the TV show), World War II documentaries, jazz, and heavy rock music. I love my country and think the United States is the greatest nation that has ever been or will be.

I am the middle of three kids; we grew up in a very loving home in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois  and I currently live  in the upper Midwest, USA. I have college degrees in English and digital electronics, and work as an communications electronics technician for a telecomm company. My hobbies include amateur radio/electronics, cooking, pets, motorcycles, and shooting/firearms. I have been a strict vegetarian over 30 years.

I hope to make my peaceful little corner of the internet a place that is actually worth your time.

–Chris Warren