Piers Morgan Gets Bounced From The CNN Bar.

by: Chris Warren.

How deliciously gratifying it is that Piers Morgan finally got whacked from his low rated CNN talk show. Normally I would take no delight in seeing someone lose their job, but in Morgan’s case not only am I shamelessly gloating, I sincerely hope that his career, or what he passes off as a career, descends further into obscurity. Very rarely is there such a blatant example of someone getting exactly what they deserve. On that point, Piers Morgan delivers.

CNN signed Morgan on despite his having a thin television resume and little name recognition; since then the British native has gone from nowhere to nowhere via his stuffy moralizing about American culture, particularly gun issues. One would think that early on CNN would have taken the hint and throttled him back or at least given him a crash course in American sensibilities in the hopes of saving their investment. For whatever the reason, they dragged him along for three years. On some nights Morgan attracted only 50,000 viewers. There are public radio stations doing better than that.

The reasons for CNN’s bad judgement and Morgan’s wasting hundreds of hours of valuable prime time bandwidth will be parsed in college journalism courses for years, but it’s really not that complicated: Piers Morgan thought he did not need to understand his audience; he believed his audience needed to understand him. Morgan personifies the predicate that liberals know what’s best. We should stop asking so many questions and gratefully accept their superior intellect. What colossal failure of due diligence led CNN to conclude that a British carpetbagger with no credibility other than giving him access to a TV camera would be taken seriously by a farmer in Nebraska? Or an iron worker in New York City? Or a retiree in Florida? What was CNN thinking?

Morgan still thinks he’s relevant even in the midst of complete failure. In what might be fate mocking him, getting kicked to the curb has given him more attention than he ever received doing what he was hired for. He’s certainly making the best of what may be his first and last fifteen minutes of fame. Morgan continued to milk the same anti-gun canard that was a major player in his plug being pulled when he took another cheap shot at American culture in his tweet, “I wouldn’t get too excited @NRA -I’m not done with you yet”, the NRA of course being the National Rifle Association. The humor in this tweet is that Morgan persumes he was a credible threat to the NRA in the first place.

The schizophrenia of Piers Morgan gets deeper. In a New York Times piece about his new unemployment, he candidly admits, “’I’m in danger of being the guy down at the end of the bar who is always going on about the same thing,’” he said. He added that he was sure there were plenty of people in the heartland angry ‘about this British guy telling them how to lead their lives and what they should do with their guns.’” The guy who thought he was going to become a media titan by hectoring us thickheaded Yanks doesn’t even listen to his own psychoanalysis: He admits being “the guy down at the end of the bar” who won’t shut up, yet he still keeps running, or tweeting, his mouth.

Morgan is not “in danger” of becoming the blubbering drunk at the end of the bar. He already is the blubbering drunk at the end of the bar, and has been for years. But at least over served bar regulars can blame it on the booze after they sober up and return to their senses. Morgan has no such out. Go home, Piers. You’re drunk on yourself.